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Dr. Madhu Reddy, M.D.


Dr. Madhu Reddy completed residency in Internal Medicine at St. Lukes Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. He received fellowship training in Nephrology at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah. Dr. Reddy is board-certified in Internal Medicine and Nephrology.

Dr. Madhu Reddy has extensive clinical research experience in Nephrology and published several papers in peer reviewed medical journals. He received many research grants and was principal investigator of large clinical trials in the field of nephrology.

After completion of training, Dr. Reddy moved to Atlanta and practiced Nephrology for two years in Atlanta before founding Metro Nephrology .

Dr. Madhu Reddy lives in Milton, GA with wife and two children.

Research and Publications:

  • Volume indicators and left ventricular mass during aggressive volume management in patients on thrice-weekly hemodialysis.

  • The impact of recipient history of cardiovascular disease on kidney transplant outcome.

  • Role of socioeconomic status in kidney transplant outcome.

  • The outcome of renal transplantation among systemic lupus erythematosus patients.

  • The association between recipient alcohol dependency and long-term graft and recipient survival.

  • The association between length of post-kidney transplant hospitalization and long-term graft and recipient survival.

  • Dialyzer membranes as determinants of the adequacy of dialysis.

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